Moving to the UK from Hong Kong or moving back to the UK?

If you are moving to the UK for a temporary period, or returning permanently after time away in Hong Kong or other overseas destinations, becoming a resident of the UK again must be carefully planned for.

The UK has a highly evolved system of taxation and planning helps limit your exposure to UK tax and protect your wealth. We can help review your financial position and meet your obligations to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Moving Overseas?

If you are planning a move to Hong Kong or have recently arrived, either to work or to retire, you will need to take steps to remove yourself from the UK tax system, and understand all the benefits that being a British expatriate can offer.

The Fry Group has helped thousands of individuals to make this exciting, life-changing move. As a company, we also have first-hand experience of a move overseas, with key members of our team moving abroad with their families for extended periods to work in our offices in Hong Kong, Belgium and Singapore and then often returning to the UK and our head office.

Included in this section of our site is some useful information about moving back to the UK or leaving it for a temporary or permanent period in Hong Kong or other locations.

The critical point to note is that it is vital to plan ahead. We can help. Please get in touch.

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