Estate Planning for British Expatriates in Hong Kong

Planning what happens to your wealth once you pass away can be an emotional process. It needs time, consideration and care to strike the right balance. Our highly skilled Estates team will work closely with you, offering tailored one-to-one meetings to discuss all elements of estate planning to help fulfil your wishes.

One of the first steps we undertake is to ensure you have valid UK Will(s). Valid wills are required to ensure your assets pass on to the people you want them to and your bequests are executed efficiently and without prolonged delays. Issues of inheritance can be overwhelming at what is already a difficult time. Having a Will in place offers immediate peace of mind that care is taken of your family.

A regular review of your Will with any appropriate updates is essential to take into account your changing circumstances. In addition, we can act as your Executor, providing the help and support your family will need during the estate administration.

Lasting Power of Attorney

An increasingly prominent area of estate planning is setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). A safeguard, an LPA protects you should you lack the mental or physical capacity to act on your own behalf.  As a result of LPAs being more complex than their predecessors, there is an increased demand for advice and guidance in this area.

With life expectancies consistently growing each year, as well as many of us enjoying more active and mobile lifestyles, estate planning is becoming more important for our clients. We have significant experience in this area, and if required, we can act as your Attorney if and when needed.
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